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Oahu Training Center is located at 41-6011 Hinalea Street Waianolo Hawaii. Please contact the training center at (808) 391-1821  if you would like information about Oahu Training Center . An appointment is necessary for scheduling purposes. Journeyman Upgrading , Rigging Welding Perfection 0 CPR/FIRST AID  SUBPAR Standards of Excellence *If you have them Bring YOUR tools to welding practice and weld testing: Welding hood, gloves, flashlight, wire brush, chipping hammer, small chisels, slag pics, & a small ball peen hammer are required.


please contact the Oahu Training Center, If you have any questions about how to renew your certifications, please contact the Training Center we can assist you.


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Local Solomon Kaahaaina strives to Train Iron Workers.

As a local boy from the island of Oahu, The iron working industry is deeply rooted in his Hawaiian heritage. His love for Hawaii and it’s people inspire his inspiration to help improve the economy.

Solomon  is a welder by trade & a natural iron-worker so over the years he has combined these talents to create his own unique training center. Over 15 years ago, Solomon started his business & named it  Hawaiian Iron Works. 

Want to reach your potential and find out about the how the sky’s the limit for iron workers? 

Please find the closest training center and contact that site directly for any information or questions you may have an opportunity to join our  apprenticeship opportunities. If you do not receive a response with in 48 hours  of your inquiry, we ask that you follow up again with the training center.  If you do not receive a response within 72 hours of your inquiry to the training center, please contact us. 

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